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Robots in sewers will save society millions

In the future the country's sewer systems will be inhabited by surveillance robots. Using robots, big data and artificial intelligence (AI), a new Danish research project will save hundreds of millions of kroner on maintaining ...

date1 hour ago in Robotics
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Image: Mapping the night

Imaging Earth from space is a favourite pastime for astronauts on the International space Station. They can set their cameras to automatically snap photos while they work, but often make time to Earth-gaze and take photos ...

date2 hours ago in Space Exploration
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Dams and the damage they do

Ted Scudder, a social anthropologist and fixture on the Caltech campus for more than 50 years, is one of the world's foremost experts on large dams. He's also one of their fiercest critics. That wasn't always the case though. ...

dateNov 01, 2018 in Environment
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