'Uber for lawn care' launches in Kansas City, connects homeowners and landscapers

Need a ride at the drop of a hat or a late-night bite? Uber's got you. Wag! can walk your dog.

But what if you need your lawn mowed?

This summer, you don't have to look far for quotes on lawn care. Nashville-based GreenPal has launched its app, which co-founder Gene Caballero called "Uber for lawn care," in Kansas City, allowing to get quotes from lawn care professionals and book services online.

The launched in 2012 and, according to a release, now operates in more than 25 markets.

Caballero said GreenPal provides "the easiest way for homeowners to find, schedule and pay their lawn guy."

Through GreenPal, homeowners can list their property with images and square footage. Lawn care providers can bid on the property, and homeowners choose one. Homeowners can pay through the app.

Homeowners can pick a level of service and price, whether they just want the grass mowed or want it to look perfect. The app also allows for ratings and reviews for lawn service providers.

"No more leaving the check under the mat, wondering if the guy's going to come," Caballero said.

Caballero said the company has experienced year-over-year growth of more than 250 percent and expects Kansas City to be one of the company's fastest-growing markets.

The app is fully operational in Kansas City for the entire summer, Caballero said. Across the country, Caballero said, the company has more than 200,000 homeowners and 3,000 care providers that have signed up.

It's free for homeowners and professionals to sign up. GreenPal takes 5 percent of every transaction.

This year, GreenPal expects to see $14 million in transactions, up from $6 million last year. If the company hits that projection, it will take in 5 percent, or $700,000.

GreenPal has three co-founders and 20 full- and part-time employees that it contracts with.

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