Microsoft, Adobe build on cloud partnership

Microsoft and Adobe are integrating some aspects of their sales and marketing software, building on the cloud-computing partnership the two companies announced last fall.

The two firms will develop a shared data language to be used between Microsoft Dynamics 365, the company's sales , and Adobe's marketing software, making it easier for customers to quickly make use of large amounts of information. The data format, which will be created with several partners including AppDynamics, Qualtrics and Zendesk, was announced at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.

Adobe and Microsoft inked a partnership last year to boost their respective cloud-software products. Adobe, the maker of Photoshop, said it would make use of Microsoft Azure to run its media and marketing software.

One piece of its marketing software, Adobe Experience Manager Sites Managed Service, has launched on Azure, the companies said recently.

Adobe Analytics will also be integrated with Microsoft Power BI, a tool that lets customers analyze data and create visualizations.

"We believe the combined power of our technologies will allow enterprise businesses to harness their data in new ways, unlocking critical business insights and actionable intelligence," Microsoft Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie said in a statement.

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