Euclid Zero debuts to capture in-store shopper behavior

Euclid Zero debuts to capture in-store shopper behavior

(—A Palo Alto-based retail analytics company this week introduced a no-hardware solution for retailers seeking store traffic data on customers. The solution works simply by monitoring people's mobile devices. The company is Euclid and the new product is Euclid Zero, designed to pick up unique mobile device IDs on smartphones when they recognize a store's Wi-Fi network. Euclid Zero will give retailers, malls, and other venues the ability to measure in-store behavior.

To ensure privacy, Euclid provides aggregated, anonymous information and also emphasizes that anyone can opt out. Euclid contractually requires its retail customers wanting to use Euclid analytics to provide notice at the store according to the company CEO, Will Smith. Shoppers are offered to learn more or opt out, and they can scan the or follow the link.

would note the word Zero in the new Euclid Zero, as there is no required investment in hardware installations in order to gather customer traffic metrics.

With Euclid Zero, retailers can now use their own to obtain the analytics from shoppers with Wi-Fi enabled smartphones.

When Euclid launched its first product over a year ago, retailers had to install some hardware, an Internet enabled device used to monitor the WiFi signals from shoppers' smartphones. That was transformed into data in the cloud and used for aggregating metrics delivered back to retailers. Now, the basic data collection process is the same but Euclid Zero removes the requirement of installing the extra box. A 's IT manager can just enter the WiFi control panel and turn on Euclid functionality. The same data once collected through the sensor can be collected using the WiFi access points already in the store. "Retailers can use metrics like Engagement Rate, Visit Duration and Visit Frequency to optimize the performance of their marketing, merchandising and operations," said the publicity release.

The ability of the company to deliver analytics in the retail industry is, by the numbers reported from Euclid, indicative of a great interest by the so-called brick and mortar stores to capture the breadth of customer information that can help them succeed. Euclid launched in November 2011 to help brick and mortar retailers use the level of analytics that could enable them to compete more effectively with online competition. From early retail adopters in the San Francisco area, Euclid said it today has national clients using its software, including retailers in the top 100.

Euclid Zero is being offered in partnership with a number of wireless access point providers. The providers include Aerohive Networks, Aruba Networks, Fortinet, and Xirrus.

Euclid Zero will be shown January 14 and 15 at the National Retail Foundation's BIG Show in New York City.

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