Philips Introduces Portable Media Center

Philips Portable Media Center
Philips Portable Media Center

The total entertainment experience is now in the palm of consumers' hands, thanks to Philips Electronics’ amazing Portable Media Center (PMC7230).

This revolutionary gadget provides entertainment freedom with the ability to download recorded TV shows from a VCR, DVDR or DVR. It’s a portable DVR and MP3 player in one ready-to-go package. More versatile than an MP3 player or portable DVD player, the 30GB PMC7230 has the ability to play recorded TV, movies, music and digital photos. Users can conveniently access up to 15,000 audio tracks, five hours of video or 8,400 images downloaded from the PC or recorded from the TV. Or choose to purchase or rent the player’s content from a growing number of PlaysForSure services.

“The Portable Media Center elevates portable entertainment for consumers and gives them a choice to take in-home enjoyment with them wherever they go,” said Scott Levitan, senior vice president of marketing and sales, Philips Consumer Electronics, North America. “The media player allows users to watch recorded TV programs, view pictures and listen to music and more while traveling and shopping during the hectic holidays. The flexibility continues with PlaysForSure compatibility for multiple download choices.”

By simply setting the timer, the PMC7230 records selected TV shows in high-quality MPEG 4 format. Enjoy up to five hours of video playtime or crank the latest music for up to 18 hours. The player’s 3.5-inch LCD screen boasts crystal-clear quality from a world leader in displays.

The Portable Media Center synchronizes instantly with Windows XP. It’s a breeze. Philips also makes downloading and recording effortless through high-speed USB and TV connections.

Audio options are limitless thanks to PlaysForSure compatibility with a wide choice of music and video services. An initiative from Microsoft®, PlaysForSure secures interoperability so that consumers can simply know their device and service will work together. The online program empowers both new and existing owners of portable and networked digital audio players with access to the song of their choice from multiple providers, while helping to ensure interoperability. Available in September, the Portable Media Center PMC7230 will have a suggested retail price of $349.99.

Source: Philips

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