Hybrid butterfly created by scientists

Scottish scientists say a South American butterfly species was created from two different butterflies in an evolutionary process thought impossible.

Survey finds internal security a concern

While outside attacks are still a primary concern for security officers, internal network security is becoming more of a concern, according to a study by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

How California Water Supply Could Survive Warming, Growth

In a new report, the UC Davis authors of the most sophisticated analysis of California's water management system say the system should be able to adapt to a warmer climate and a larger population, albeit at a significant ...

Big guns team on Linux wireless platform

Some of the biggest names in wireless communications launched an effort Thursday to develop a mobile software platform based on Linux.

Teachers to learn about Mars-Earth science

Eighteen middle school and high school U.S. science teachers will soon depart for Alaska for a Mars exploration and polar science research experience.

Life has a future; Naturalist E.O. Wilson is optimistic

Despite all the destruction of forests, pollution, overpopulation, and overfishing, Edward O. Wilson is optimistic about the future of life on Earth. Science, prudent actions, and moral courage are showing some signs of making ...

NASA Astronomical Observatory Passes Hurdle

The world's largest airborne astronomical observatory has passed a technical and programmatic review that could potentially lead to the continuation of the mission.

NSA looking at social-networking spaces

Amidst the political firestorm generated by revealed wiretapping of domestic phone calls, the National Security Agency has recently been revealed to be funding research to ramp up data-mining efforts to encompass social-networking ...

EC urges Deutsche Telekom rate controls

The European Commission Thursday urged German telecom regulators to set price controls on Germany's dominant telco, Deutsche Telekom.

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