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Apple, where's the smarter Siri in iOS 12?

Apple this week had every opportunity to show off new voice skills for Siri, the personal digital assistant, and to prove that it could be competitive with Amazon and Google.

From beep to boom: Europe hears call of Chinese phones

China's smartphone makers have long been confined to their enormous local market but this is fast changing, with a growing number of western European users opting for a relatively cheap but still sleek Chinese-made upgrade.

iPhone X filmmaker gives three tips to budding directors

For the past four years I've been experimenting with smartphone film production. I recently shot and directed Missed Call, the first short film to be shot on an iPhone X. As the camera technology on each new generation evolves, ...

Credit card payments evolve beyond the mobile wallet

Mobile wallets can make paying by credit or debit card seamless: Tap your phone at checkout and you're on your way. But mobile wallets are just the beginning. Payment networks and manufacturers are building payment functions ...

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