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The strangest gadgets at Berlin's IFA tech show

Berlin's IFA tech show is the largest in Europe, and while the hype may not match its American big brother CES, there's no shortage of weird and wonderful devices to reward curious visitors.

Tech nostalgia on show at Berlin's IFA

For many consumers, rewinding cassettes, carefully placing a needle on a record or shaking dry a Polaroid photo may all feel like long-forgotten gestures from a bygone era.

Voice assistants tool up in hope of a bright future

Some two years after stepping into the spotlight, voice assistants are learning new languages and connecting to ever-more devices around the home—but mass adoption and widespread ease with the new technology remain some ...

Top trends at Berlin's IFA tech fair

Europe's biggest tech fair, Berlin's IFA, opens its doors Friday with a flood of new product launches. Here are some of the top trends making waves along the aisles:

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