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Gadgets: Gifts for your No. 1 grad

It's the time of year to reward graduates, many of whom will hit the real world. Here are some tech gift suggestions of useful gadgets for everyday life and even to have a good night's sleep.

dateApr 29, 2017 in Consumer & Gadgets
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World's first spherical drone display

NTT DOCOMO has developed a spherical drone display—an unmanned aerial vehicle that displays LED images on an omnidirectional spherical screen while in flight—which DOCOMO believes to be a world first.

dateApr 26, 2017 in Consumer & Gadgets
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Amazon aims to help parents monitor—and talk to—kids

Amazon is introducing new tools to help parents see what their kids are doing on the company's Fire tablets. As a bonus, the e-commerce giant says its service will also help spark discussions about the books kids read and ...

Move over, Siri and Alexa, and make room for Bixby.

That's the name of Samsung's virtual assistant, a key feature of the new Galaxy S8 phone. The Korean company has big plans for the voice-based technology, seeing it as a fundamental way its customers will interact with a ...

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