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Virtual contact lenses for radar satellites

Radar satellites supply the data used to map sea level and ocean currents. However, up until now, the radar has been ineffective in regions where the oceans are covered by ice. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich ...

dateApr 17, 2018 in Earth Sciences
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Keeping an eye on the soundness of structures

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) used synthetic-aperture radar data from four different satellites, combined with statistical methods, to determine the structural deformation patterns of the largest ...

dateApr 13, 2018 in Earth Sciences
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Stronger evidence for a weaker Atlantic overturning

The Atlantic overturning—one of Earth's most important heat transport systems, pumping warm water northward and cold water southward—is weaker today than any time before in more than 1000 years. Sea surface temperature ...

Understanding microbial competition for nitrogen

Nitrogen is a hot commodity in the surface ocean. Primary producers including phytoplankton and other microorganisms consume and transform it into organic molecules to build biomass, while others transform inorganic forms ...

Whispering pines: Trees tell story of WWII battleship

Throughout most of World War II, Allied bombers tried repeatedly to sink the Tirpitz, Germany's biggest battleship and a bete noir of Britain's wartime leader Winston Churchill, who took to calling it 'the beast'.

NASA finds wind shear slamming Tropical Cyclone Keni

NASA satellite imagery showed that Tropical Cyclone Keni was being battered by vertical wind shear. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite revealed that wind shear was pushing the clouds and storms associated with Keni to the southeast ...

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