News Corp shows, tell details of education tablet

Mar 06, 2013
The News Corporation building is pictured in New York on June 26, 2012. News Corp. took the wraps off its new tablet computer for the school market Wednesday, saying the device would use "digital innovation to transform teaching and learning."

News Corp. took the wraps off its new tablet computer for the school market Wednesday, saying the device would use "digital innovation to transform teaching and learning."

's media conglomerate showed the Amplify device at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, after having announced plans in July.

Amplify is a 10-inch (25-centimeter) screen tablet using the Android operating system, designed for primary and markets. News Corp. has a partnership with AT&T to provide wireless connectivity for the devices.

School districts will be able to buy a Wi-Fi device for $299 with a two-year subscription at $99 per year. A tablet with mobile connectivity will be sold at $349 with a two-year subscription at $179 per year.

It will be available for US markets for the school year starting in September.

"This is more than just a tablet. It's a complete learning solution organized around the school day," said Stephen Smyth, president of Amplify's Access division.

"We believe it's both more affordable and more impactful than just about any other product in the education technology market."

Amplify is also working on school curricula and other materials and other products for the classroom.

"It is our aim to amplify the power of to transform teaching and learning and to help schools deliver fundamentally better experiences and results," said Joel Klein, chief executive of Amplify.

"We want to transform the way teachers teach and students learn."

is moving ahead on a plan to create separate companies for the huge entertainment division and the struggling publishing business, which includes the education unit.

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1 / 5 (1) Mar 06, 2013
I can think of only one reason good ol' Rupert would get into this market.... He must be able to control the content.
Anyone else have a better thoought???
3 / 5 (14) Mar 07, 2013
So what? Do not the left control public education now? Of course they do. Why don't you object to that?

The reason Fox News was such an over night explosive success to begin with, was because the main stream media was so obviously bias to the left, that a more conservative leaning news cast was being begged for by those capable to noticing the difference.
3 / 5 (2) Mar 07, 2013
By our posts, we define ourselves.
not rated yet Mar 08, 2013
@Noumenon,Education should not be conservative or liberal leaning, it should be facts leaning.
2.8 / 5 (11) Mar 08, 2013
@Noumenon,Education should not be conservative or liberal leaning, it should be facts leaning.

That's correct,.. in theory, but in practise, you're naive. Why be suspicious of News Corp while at present liberals already indoctrinate the countries youth? An example; If a kid so much as points his finger, in play, in the form of a gun, or forms a paper in a way that could be construed as being in the form of a gun, that kid is being taught as if they've committed an atrocity.

That is pure liberal propaganda. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GUNS. Police use them, the military uses them, hunters use them, they are used in sport, and regular people use them for defense. The kids are being indoctrinated to think guns are evil. They already have been likewise made to think profit is evil.
5 / 5 (1) Mar 09, 2013
Liberal - conservative is not the problem. Rupert Murdoc is just plain evil. I don't know why the justice department hasn't put him in jail for hacking 911 victims phone nessages among other offenses. The rule of law just doesn't apply when you are a billionare and you trust him with our childrens education. I expect a lot of goose stepping in the furture.
Education Freak
not rated yet Mar 14, 2013
I would trust someone who actually has Education experience, for example, Educational Resources, who have been around for more than 26 years and have an award winning solution called the LearnPad.

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