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Fluorescent jungle gyms made of DNA

( —The 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage presented a vision of the future that includes tiny machines gliding through the body and repairing injuries. Almost 50 years later, scientists are figuring out ...

Heart cells respond to stiff environments

Proteins associated with the regulation of organ size and shape have been found to respond to the mechanics of the microenvironment in ways that specifically affect the decision of adult cardiac stem cells ...

Better thermal-imaging lens from waste sulfur

Hackathon team's GoogolPlex gives Siri extra powers

Chronic inflammation linked to 'high-grade' prostate cancer

Cosmologists weigh cosmic filaments and voids

Deadly human pathogen Cryptococcus fully sequenced

There's something ancient in the icebox

China says massive area of its soil polluted

Thinnest feasible nano-membrane produced

Turning off depression in the brain

Clean air: Fewer sources for self-cleaning

Video of virus-sized particle trying to enter cell

Tiny and swift, viruses are hard to capture on video. Now researchers at Princeton University have achieved an unprecedented look at a virus-like particle as it tries to break into and infect a cell. The technique they developed ...

Ecotoxicity: All clear for silver nanoparticles?

It has long been known that, in the form of free ions, silver particles can be highly toxic to aquatic organisms. Yet to this day, there is a lack of detailed knowledge about the doses required to trigger ...

Nanotracer tester tells about wells

A tabletop device invented at Rice University can tell how efficiently a nanoparticle would travel through a well and may provide a wealth of information for oil and gas producers.

Some antibacterials come with worrisome silver lining

Silver has long been known for its ability to kill some of the nasty microbes that can make people sick. In hospitals, it's used to help burn victims, to combat germs on catheters and even to wipe out dangerous "superbugs" ...

Biologists help solve fungi mysteries

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