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Dead feeder cells support stem cell growth

Stem cells naturally cling to feeder cells as they grow in petri dishes. Scientists have thought for years that this attachment occurs because feeder cells serve as a support system, providing stems cells ...

dateApr 24, 2015 in Biochemistry
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Improving accuracy in genome editing

Imagine a day when scientists are able to alter the DNA of organisms in the lab in the search for answers to a host of questions. Or imagine a day when doctors treat genetic disorders by administering drugs ...

dateApr 23, 2015 in Biochemistry
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Decoding the cell's genetic filing system

A fully extended strand of human DNA measures about five feet in length. Yet it occupies a space just one-tenth of a cell by wrapping itself around histones—spool-like proteins—to form a dense hub of ...

dateApr 22, 2015 in Biochemistry
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Detecting lysosomal pH with fluorescent probes

Lysosomes are the garbage disposals of animal cells. As the resources are limited in cells, organic materials are broken down and recycled a lot—and that's what lysosomes do. Detecting problems with lysosomes ...

Researchers create a 'living kidney membrane'

Researchers at the MIRA research institute of the University of Twente and the Radboudumc have created a 'living membrane' combining kidney epithelial cells with a polymeric artificial membrane. This achievement ...

Obesity-related receptors have a unique structure

A collaboration led by Shigeyuki Yokoyama of RIKEN and Takashi Kadowaki and Toshimasa Yamauchi of the University of Tokyo has used the SPring-8 synchrotron facility in Harima, Japan to elucidate the structure of two receptors ...

Small RNA plays big role suppressing cancer

The micro RNA miR-22 has long been known for its ability to suppress cancer. However, questions remain about how it achieves this feat. For example, which molecules are regulating miR-22, and which are miR22 ...

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