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Footsteps to preventing falls

One of four elderly persons falls every year in the United States. With more than 37 million hospitalizations every year, roughly one million falls occur in hospitals and can lead to serious injury and even death. Patients ...

dateApr 05, 2018 in Engineering
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Broadcom moves back to the US

Semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom, which recently failed in a bid to buy US rival Qualcomm, has transferred its headquarters from Singapore to the US as promised.

dateApr 05, 2018 in Business
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Share buybacks: good, bad or ugly?

Share buybacks are all the rage among the world's companies, to the delight of many shareholders but not of critics who say they are lazy, short-sighted and mostly designed to enrich corporate fat cats.

dateApr 04, 2018 in Business
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Mapping the modern death sentence

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Law have collaborated on a new website that uses a data-driven, interactive map to illustrate the rapid decline of the issuance of the death sentence in the United States ...

dateApr 02, 2018 in Social Sciences
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