Posture impacts how you perceive your food

Summertime is often filled with outdoor parties and food trucks, meaning you're spending more time standing up and eating. But if you want to actually enjoy your meal, researchers say you're better off finding a seat.

Radar sensor module to bring added safety to autonomous driving

When a child runs out onto the road, the average human driver takes 1.6 seconds to hit the brake pedal. The reaction time is cut to 0.5 seconds for automated vehicles fitted with radar/lidar sensors and a camera system. But ...

Chemists prove the mechanism of direct amination from benzene

A team of chemists from Tomsk Polytechnic University discovered a mechanism of direct electrophilic amination and predicted the ways of its implementation. TPU scientists proved the most promising method for rapid and cost-effective ...

World's second EPR nuclear reactor starts work in China

A next-generation EPR nuclear reactor in China has carried out its first chain reaction, French energy giant EDF announced Wednesday, becoming the second using the much-delayed European technology to reach the milestone.

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