Bees boost crops and could steady food prices

Supporting and enhancing pollinators could help stabilise the production of important crops like oilseeds and fruit, reducing the sort of uncertainty that causes food price spikes, new research has shown.

Staying alive: How 'self-pollen' can cheat death

A new gene that controls self-fertilization has been identified in an engineered version of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana bred by scientists at the University of Birmingham..

The habitat of important wild pollinators is under threat

Honeybees are common pollinators, but wild bees, including bumble bees, and other insects such as hoverflies, beetles and butterflies, are also needed for pollination and are important in many different ways. With simple ...

Wild bees need diverse agricultural landscapes

Mass-flowering crops such as oilseed rape or faba bean (also known as broad bean) provide valuable sources of food for bees, which, in turn, contribute to the pollination of both the crops and nearby wild plants when they ...

Gene research on brassicas provides potential for making better crops

Scientists have used gene technology to understand more about the make-up of the evolution of brassicas—paving the way for bigger and more climate resilient yields from this group of crops that have been grown for thousands ...

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