UN report warns of catastrophic risks to Earth systems

Melting glaciers, unbearable heat and space junk: a month before crunch climate talks in the United Arab Emirates, a UN report published Wednesday warns about irreversible impacts to the planet without drastic changes to ...

Experts explain how diamonds are grown in a lab

A diamond is a solid rock of carbon and the hardest known naturally occurring substance. Because diamonds also have some extraordinary optical and physical properties, intensive research is underway on their use in laser ...

Do measurements produce the reality they show us?

Whenever the precision of a measurement approaches the uncertainty limit defined by quantum mechanics, the outcomes of the measurement depend on the dynamics of the interactions with the meter used to determine a physical ...

Unraveling the hidden growth of mineral dendrites

An international research team involving scientists from the University of Vienna, the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw and University of Edinburgh has described the process of growing three-dimensional manganese ...

Researchers radio-collar 1st bear in mountains near LA

For the first time, researchers have captured and radio-collared a bear in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles where mountain lions have been studied for two decades, the National Park Service said Wednesday.

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