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Creating an artificial protein shell to combat COVID-19

During the first COVID-19 wave, when Saumitra Das and colleagues were sequencing thousands of samples every day to check for SARS-CoV-2 variants as part of INSACOG, the Government of India's genome surveillance initiative, ...

Study sheds new light on materials assembly in confinement

Cramming multiple pairs of shoes into a vacation suitcase, twisting and flipping them into different arrangements to fit every pair needed, is a familiar optimization problem faced by harried travelers. This same problem ...

Developing the building blocks of the future for photovoltaics

An international research team led by the University of Göttingen has, for the first time, observed the build-up of a physical phenomenon that plays a role in the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy in 2D materials. ...

Burning membranes for molecular sieving

A robust nanofiltration membrane that acts as a highly effective molecular sieve can avoid many of the problems with current polymer membranes.

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