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What's next for Siemens and Alstom after merger veto?

After Brussels on Wednesday derailed a planned Siemens-Alstom merger that was meant to create a European rail behemoth, here's a look at what's next for the German and French firms in an industry bracing for fierce Chinese ...

dateFeb 06, 2019 in Business
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Where do the best strawberries grow?

Agricultural production benefits enormously from flower-visiting bees and other flower-visiting insects. Because of their supply of flowering plants and opportunities for nesting, hedgerows and the edges of forests represent ...

dateFeb 05, 2019 in Plants & Animals Ecology
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Thai forest rangers train to tackle wildlife crime

Camo-clad rangers ambush a camp in a lush Thai national park, kicking away a machete and a firearm and pinning two suspected poachers to the ground—part of a training exercise to counter a lucrative wildlife trade.

dateFeb 02, 2019 in Ecology
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