Secrets of Antarctic lake's microbes revealed

UNSW Science Professor Rick Cavicchioli is an expert in microbes and why they are so important—just last year, he led an urgent call for the world to stop ignoring this "unseen majority" in Earth's biodiversity and ecosystem ...

Metal organic frameworks made to act as liquids

Innovative materials called metal organic frameworks (MOFs) could become much more versatile following research that shows that they can be manipulated as liquids.

Post-pandemic brave new world of agriculture

Robots working in abattoirs, sky-high vertical farms, more gene-edited foods in our supermarkets and automated farming systems could all help guarantee food supply in the next pandemic.

Chemical thermometers take temperature to the nanometric scale

The miniaturization of electronic components coupled with their increasing integration density has considerably expanded heat flows, which can lead to overheating. But measuring these nanometric events is difficult because ...

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