'Two-for-one' fission aims to improve solar cell efficiency

Singlet fission occurs when an organic molecule absorbs one photon of light, then splits that light's energy in two—a doubling effect that has the potential to improve the light-harvesting efficiency in solar cells, assuming ...

Scientists identify novel lysosome fission factor

Lysosomes are centers for degradation, recycling, and signaling of cellular materials that are crucial for maintaining cellular homeostasis, development, and aging. To meet various physiological demands, lysosomes continuously ...

Hunting for elusive tetraneutrons with thermal fission

The possible emission rate of particle-stable tetraneutron, a four-neutron system whose existence has been long debated within the scientific community, has been investigated by researchers from Tokyo Tech. They looked into ...

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Fission is a splitting of something into two parts.

Fission may refer to:

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