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SLAP microscope smashes speed records

A new microscope breaks a long-standing speed limit, recording footage of brain activity 15 times faster than scientists once believed possible. It gathers data quickly enough to record neurons' voltage spikes and release ...

Pigeons can discriminate both space and time

Pigeons aren't so bird-brained after all. New research at the University of Iowa shows that pigeons can discriminate the abstract concepts of space and time—and seem to use a different region of the brain than humans and ...

Brain-computer interface could improve hearing aids

(—Researchers are working on the early stages of a brain-computer interface (BCI) that can tell who you're listening to in a room full of noise and other people talking. In the future, the technology could be incorporated ...

Machines that learn like people

Object-recognition systems are beginning to get pretty good—and in the case of Facebook's face-recognition algorithms, frighteningly good.

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