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Materials Science Jun 11, 2019

Bioinspired Materials—Graphene-enabled nickel composites

Bioinspired engineering strategies rely on achieving the combined biological properties of strength and toughness inherent in nature. Tissue engineers and materials scientists therefore aim to construct intelligent, hierarchical ...

Polymers Apr 10, 2019

3-D printing electrically assisted, nacre-inspired structures with self-sensing capabilities

Nacre, also known as mother of pearl is a composite, organic-inorganic material produced in nature in the inner shell layer of molluscs and the outer coating of pearls. The material is resilient and iridescent with high strength ...

Materials Science Apr 23, 2019

Researchers create artificial mother-of-pearl using bacteria

The strongest synthetic materials are often those that intentionally mimic nature.

Environment Apr 09, 2019

Pearls of wisdom: Japan's cultured farms still glisten

In Japan's picturesque Ago Bay, a couple sits in a little hut picking out oysters from a net, cleaning them carefully one-by-one before replacing them gently back in the water.

Nanomaterials Jan 22, 2015

Transparent artificial nacre: A brick wall at the nanoscale

Natural materials have extraordinary mechanical properties, which are based on sophisticated arrangements and combinations of multiple building blocks. One key aspect of today's materials research therefore is to develop ...

Materials Science Jun 22, 2015

Hydrogen bonds in the polymer phase boost important properties of nacre mimetics

Nacre, or mother of pearl, has highly attractive mechanical properties but cannot be processed into larger-scale structures. Synthetic nanocomposites can mimic the characteristic brick-and-mortar-like structure of nacre, ...

Materials Science Aug 18, 2010

Microscopic firewalls: Robust foils of synthetic nacre analogues act as a heat shield

( -- Biological materials are fascinating because they are very light but have the ability to withstand extreme forces. Nacre is amazingly tough thanks to a multi-layer arrangement of platelet-shaped calcium carbonate ...

Nanomaterials Mar 24, 2010

New, high-strength and lightweight nacre-mimetic material applicable to large-scale industrial processes

Helsinki University of Technology research group in collaboration with VTT and Royal Institute of Technology, Finland, show the first example of light-weight but mechanically strong nanocomposite material mimicking the nacreous ...

Condensed Matter Feb 16, 2012

Mother of pearl tells a tale of ocean temperature, depth

Nacre -- or mother of pearl, scientists and artisans know, is one of nature's amazing utilitarian materials.

Biochemistry Sep 05, 2017

Researchers discover biomechanism behind formation of mother-of-pearl

Nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, is a biomineral that forms inside of molluskan shells and also makes up the outer coating of pearls. It is formed through a blend of minerals that are secreted by oysters and other mollusks ...

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