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Earth Sciences Dec 16, 2016

Ocean temperatures faithfully recorded in mother-of-pearl

Mother-of-pearl or nacre (pronounced nay-ker), the lustrous, tough-as-nails biomineral that lines some seashells, has been shown to be a faithful record of ancient ocean temperature.

Materials Science Aug 19, 2016

Natural mother of pearl structure, synthetic replication

Biomaterials play a crucial role in the development of future high-performance materials. A naturally occurring example of such biomaterial, the mollusk shell, guides chemical replication processes in laboratories. Due to ...

Materials Science Oct 20, 2015

Mother-of-pearl's genesis identified in mineral's transformation

How nature makes its biominerals—things like teeth, bone and seashells—is a playbook scientists have long been trying to read.

Materials Science Aug 19, 2016

A new way to make synthetic mother-of-pearl

A team of researchers from several institutions in China and Germany has found a way to create a synthetic type of nacre—more commonly known as mother-of-pearl. In their paper published in the journal Science, the team ...

Nanomaterials Jan 24, 2018

Pearly material for bendable heating elements

The iridescent shimmer of a string of pearls may one day be more than pretty adornment. Scientists now report in ACS Applied Nano Materials a hybrid material consisting of imitation pearl combined with silver nanowires that ...

Nanophysics Nov 27, 2008

Mother of Pearl Secret Revealed

( -- In addition to its iridescent beauty, mother of pearl, or nacre, the inner lining of the shells of abalone, mussels and certain other mollusks, is also renowned for an amazing strength and toughness that ...

Condensed Matter Jul 02, 2007

Mother-of-pearl -- Classic beauty and remarkable strength

While the shiny material of pearls and abalone shells has long been prized for its iridescence and aesthetic value in jewelry and decorations, scientists admire mother-of-pearl for other physical properties as well.

Jan 31, 2006

Secrets of the Sea Yield Stronger Artificial Bone

The next generation of artificial bone may rely on a few secrets from the sea. Scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have harnessed the way seawater freezes to ...

Materials Science Feb 02, 2011

Synthetic materials that behave like mollusk shells

Nacre, commonly known as mother-of-pearl, is the iridescent material lining many mollusk shells. It is part of a two-layer armor system that protects the animal from predators. The brittle outer layer of the shell absorbs ...

Environment Jun 12, 2018

The wisdom of pearl farming

Why exactly do little white nuggets from the sea cost so much? And how have humans hacked the biological process that makes them?

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