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Saving a penalty: How science helps predict the score

Have you ever wondered how top goal keepers such as Manuel Neuer or Gianluigi Buffon decide which corner to dive to in a penalty kick situation? You are in good company. Ever since the first penalty kicks were introduced ...

dateApr 23, 2018 in Other
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Finally home, Bundesbank's gold goes on show

All that glitters is definitely gold in a new exhibition at Germany's central bank that lifts the veil on the nation's massive reserves of the precious metal, partly to reassure sceptics that the prized ingots are really ...

dateApr 22, 2018 in Other
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Is it time to abandon the Nobel Prize?

In a commentary piece published in De Gruyter's journal Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, authors Clare Fiala and Eleftherios P. Diamandis spawned a debate now further nourished by recent disclosures.

dateApr 16, 2018 in Other
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Researchers map San Antonio's music scene

Innovative music research is underway at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). The university's music marketing coordinator and his undergraduate students are using geographic information system (GIS) technology ...

dateMar 20, 2018 in Other
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State of the art: Museum takes hi-tech look at Vermeer

This really is state of the art research. Experts at the Mauritshuis museum in The Hague are using the latest technology to take a long, hard look at one of their most prized paintings, Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl ...

Female horse riders want better bra support

Three quarters of female horse riders want bras that better support them, partly for the sake of their health and partly to avoid embarrassment, according to new research.

Sharing is caring, but is privacy theft?

Open Science (OS) is a movement toward increased sharing among scientists of their data, their materials, their computer code, their papers, and their peer reviews. The ultimate goal of this movement is to boost collaborative ...

It's not how you play the game, but how the dice were made

Whether at a casino playing craps or engaging with family in a simple board game at home, rolling the dice introduces a bit of chance or "luck" into every game. We expect dice to be fair, where every number has equal probability ...

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