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Sharing is caring, but is privacy theft?

Open Science (OS) is a movement toward increased sharing among scientists of their data, their materials, their computer code, their papers, and their peer reviews. The ultimate goal of this movement is to boost collaborative ...

dateFeb 01, 2018 in Other
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It's not how you play the game, but how the dice were made

Whether at a casino playing craps or engaging with family in a simple board game at home, rolling the dice introduces a bit of chance or "luck" into every game. We expect dice to be fair, where every number has equal probability ...

dateJan 30, 2018 in Other
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On unconscious bias in science

Science is never truly objective. Charles Darwin and his failed theory on the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy can provide an excellent role model, writes Jaboury Ghazoul.

dateJan 29, 2018 in Other
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S. Korea's 'kimchi deficit' hits record high

South Korea's trade deficit in kimchi, its proud traditional side dish of fermented cabbage, reached an all-time high last year as low-priced Chinese imports flooded the market, statistics showed Wednesday.

dateJan 17, 2018 in Other
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Best of Last Year—The top articles of 2017

It was another great year for science, particularly physics, as evidenced by a study conducted by U.K., Canadian and Italian researchers who revealed substantial evidence of a holographic universe. They published what is ...

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