Wiley began in 1807 as a printing business and evolved as a publishing company under the name Wiley-Putnam. Today Wiley is an international publisher of scientific books, journals, and a wide-range of academic subject books. Wiley is a knowledge source for authors, educators and professionals. Wiley has a presence in Europe, Asia, Australia and is headquartered in New Jersey. Wiley-Blackwell is a leading science, medical, technical and scholarly publisher. Wiley is a useful tool for the press as it offers a large data base of publishing covering the gamut of interesting subjects.

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Does spaceflight increase men's risk of erectile dysfunction?

During missions into space, astronauts are exposed to high levels of galactic cosmic radiation and weightlessness. Simulation experiments in male rats indicated that these aspects of spaceflight can negatively affect vascular ...

Framework provides guidance for ethical wildlife management

Wildlife management decisions and practices face increasing ethical scrutiny. In research published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, investigators have developed a framework for incorporating ethical considerations ...

Detection of environmental PFAS by interrupted energy transfer

PFAS, a family of highly fluorinated substances, represent a danger for humans and the environment. Particularly problematic members of this family, such as perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) ...

New method may accurately identify body fluids at crime scenes

Identifying different types of body fluids can help forensic experts reconstruct a crime scene, but it's difficult to do so. In a study published in Electrophoresis, researchers developed a method using two different types ...

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