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The impact of sexual abuse in regional Victoria

The impact of sexual abuse in regional Victoria
Emily Corbett and Kate Wright. Credit: La Trobe University

La Trobe University, in partnership with the Center Against Sexual Violence Central Victoria (CASA-CV), has released the findings of an important study published in the Australian Journal of Social Issues highlighting the struggles of rural and regional victim survivors in the pursuit of justice.

This research, conducted in a collaboration between the two organizations, highlights the unique experiences and obstacles that survivors in regional and face.

Recent La Trobe Ph.D. student Dr. Emily Corbett conducted the comprehensive industry-based study to examine the sexual revictimization of rural and regional women, and her findings will inform future research, practice and policy recommendations.

Dr. Corbett said that while research shows women subjected to had a higher risk of suffering sexual abuse in adulthood, little research has been done on this topic in non-urban areas.

"We know from existing research that experiences of violence in childhood and adulthood are frequent among non-urban women, and that women who experience family or sexual violence when they are young, often experience violence again in adulthood. Our study sought to better understand why this revictimization occurs," Dr. Corbett said.

"We found that many regional and face significant structural disadvantage including low levels of employment and income, limited-service sector resources, unsafe family environments, and exposure to community violence.

"Violence can be perpetuated due to , lack of transport options, and limited awareness and education about sexual or family violence. The close-knit nature of small communities can create barriers to women seeking help," Dr. Corbett said.

This research is the culmination of a three-and-a-half-year study conducted by Dr. Corbett.

"We are pleased to share the results of this significant study, which not only contributes to the but also has real-world implications for preventing and supporting survivors of in regional and rural Victoria," said Kate Wright, CEO at the Center Against Sexual Violence Central Victoria.

"This research would not have been possible without the crucial contribution from the women who participated in the research. We thank them for sharing their knowledge and experiences."

More information: Emily Corbett et al, The normalisation of sexual violence revictimisation in regional and rural areas: Our failure to respond, Australian Journal of Social Issues (2023). DOI: 10.1002/ajs4.297

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