People who control their desires can face social isolation

Desire is part of human nature, and being vulnerable to desire is part of what differentiates humans from machines. However, a new international study has found that individuals who are better able to resist their desires ...

How will humans survive a global catastrophe?

One suggested way to save humankind in the event of a deadly pandemic or other extreme global catastrophe is establishing a safe refuge—on an island or in such far-out places as the moon or under water—where a portion ...

Desires for partners did not diminish during the pandemic

How are love life relationships actually affected when faced with a major societal crisis? Not as much as we might think, according to a major international study about sexuality and intimacy during the pandemic.

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Social isolation

Social isolation is the pervasive withdrawal or avoidance of social contact or communication. It can contribute toward many emotional, behavioural and physical disorders including anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, addictions, substance abuse, violent behaviour and overall disease.

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