Netflix tells Apple: Count us out of your streaming plans

Whatever Apple intends on announcing at a company event March 25, it won't involve Netflix.

Speaking at a media event in Los Angeles on Monday night, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said his company will not integrate its offerings with what is expected to be Apple's new video streaming service. Apple has said little about what it has in for next week's gathering in Cupertino, but the company is believed to be preparing to debut a streaming TV service of its own that may include the re-selling of other premium subscription channels such as Showtime, HBO and CBS All Access.

If Apple does offer such subscription options, the concept likely would be similar to offerings from Amazon and Roku, which let their users to subscribe to such services through their platforms and take a small percentage of those subscription fees.

Netflix is known for having what might be called a love-hate relationship with Apple. While Netflix's app is consistently one of the most-downloaded on Apple's App Store, Apple no longer sells Netflix subscriptions via the app. Netflix has said on occasion that Apple was not a major source of its subscription revenue.

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