Cold-stunned turtles flown from New England to Florida Keys

Officials say 32 cold-stunned Kemp's ridley sea turtles rescued off New England's coast have arrived in the Florida Keys to warm up at the Turtle Hospital.

A volunteer group of general aviation pilots, under the banner of "Turtles Fly Too," transported the reptiles on Tuesday.

Hospital officials say several of the turtles suffer from compromised immune systems and pneumonia as a result of "cold stunning," a hypothermic reaction that occurs when turtles are exposed to for prolonged periods.

The turtles were rescued over the past month off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They were initially treated at the New England Aquarium in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Upon their arrival at the Turtle Hospital, on-site veterinarians and staff conducted full physical examinations and began caring for the reptiles.

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