25 stranded sea turtles rescued from cold waters of Cape Cod

November 22, 2016

Twenty-five stranded sea turtles have been rescued from the chilly waters of Cape Cod.

The Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary says on its Facebook page rescuers found 10 on Eastham and Wellfleet beaches Monday night and 15 more Tuesday morning.

Spokeswoman Jenette Kerr tells the Boston Globe younger turtles struggle when the water temperatures drop and slowly go into hypothermia. She says strong winds and high tides have helped rescuers by pushing the endangered turtles closer to shore, where they can be captured and sent for treatment at a New England Aquarium facility.

The turtles are eventually transported and released in warmer waters in the south by other organizations.

Mass Audubon says it has rescued 54 cold-stunned turtles this season. It rescued 600 last year.

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