Get ready for some llama and bagel emojis: Apple's adding 70 new icons in iOS 12.1 update

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Upset Apple's recent iOS 12 updates for iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch didn't add any emoji? You can now turn that frown upside down. (There is an emoji for that.)

The iPhone-maker will soon be adding 70 new to its popular mobile software in an upcoming iOS 12.1 update. Among the notable new additions: an emoji with a party hat and streamer, a swan, a llama, a bagel and a cupcake.

Also new are more variations on people, now adding more options with red hair, gray hair and curly hair plus a new emoji for bald people.

The new emoji aren't much of a surprise. The Unicode Consortium, which is the non-profit group that makes sure emoji and other text are standard across platforms, announced 157 new emoji earlier this year including the aforementioned animals and variations.

Apple since announced that it would be adding some of these new emoji in July on World Emoji Day. The iPhone-maker is also working with the Consortium to add more disability-themed emoji as part of the next Unicode update in 2019.

Although Apple hasn't provided an exact release date for iOS 12.1, the fact that it is hyping up the new release and making the update available to those in its public beta program points to a release being in the not-too-distant future.

If performance improvements to speed up your old device didn't convince you to upgrade to iOS 12, perhaps new emoji will.

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