Image: Simulating lunar surface operations

Simulating lunar surface operations
Credit: European Space Agency

ESA and the Canadian Space Agency are probing how to explore the Moon with a robot rover. The teams are investigating the challenges of remotely operating a rover in a representative lunar scenario with teams in several locations during 12–20 October. 

The series of Meteron (Multi-purpose End To End Robotic Operations Network) experiments is developing the skills, concepts and technologies for future exploration of the solar system. The many challenges make it likely that machines will be used before and/or together with humans. 

The current experiment is using Canada's Juno rover in a quarry in St Alphonse de Granby, Quebec, which has been selected because of its lunar-like landscape. Engineers at ESA's in Darmstadt, Germany, and the Canadian Space Agency are taking turns at controlling the vehicle. 

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