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ESA's Fly Your Satellite! (FYS) programme is a recurring, hands-on programme designed and managed by the ESA Education Office in close collaboration with universities from ESA Member States, with the objective to complement academic education and inspire, engage, and better prepare university students for a more effective introduction to their future professions in the space sector.

A new opportunity or university teams to participate in ESA's Fly Your Satellite! programme is now available. The call for proposals is open until 5 March 2017 23:59 CEST. For more information please visit the FYS! website.

The Fly Your Satellite! programme started in 2013 with the initial selection of six CubeSats. Throughout the programme, three of the participating CubeSats (AAUSAT4, e-st@r-II, and OUFTI-1) went successfully through all programme phases and were launched on April 2016 on board a Soyuz Rocket together with Sentinel 1-B.

In addition and in parallel to the Fly Your Satellite! programme edition in 2013, ESA offered support to the development, testing and launch of AAUSAT5, a design similar to AAUSAT4. The was launched to the International Space Station (ISS), and from there it was deployed into orbit, constituting the pilot project aiming at CubeSat missions to be deployed to space from the ISS.

Teams from earlier editions of Fly Your Satellite! give a brief introduction to their mission in this video.

Credit: ESA

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