Dutch hi-tech group ASML post small Q2 income dip

Dutch company ASML, which makes computer chip-making systems and is seen as a global hi-tech bellwether, announced an 8.1 percent second quarter dip in net income Wednesday, but noted it was on track for the rest of the year.

The company based in Veldhoven, southern Netherlands, said in a statement for the second quarter stood at 370 million euros ($407 million) as opposed to 403 million euros in Q1.

It add however it had clocked up Q2 sales of 1.654 billion euros ($1.81 billion), up four million euros from the first quarter.

"We posted second ... that were slightly above our guidance. Sales were balanced between memory and logic customers," ASML chief executive Peter Wennink said.

ASML has taken orders for six extreme ultraviolet (EUV) machines in the second quarter, of which two were expected to be shipped this year and four from next year, Wennink said.

The most recent technology available, ASML said EUV lithography machines enable the production of even smaller microchips while still increasing capacity and speed.

It has opened a new EUV factory in Veldhoven "enabling us to ship in volume when customers begin their production ramps."

The company makes systems for manufacturing processor chips as well as memory chips such as DRAM and SRAM, essential for mobile phones and tablets.

It supplies global hi-tech giants such as Samsung and Intel.

Wennink said ASML expected "to see continued overall business strength in the second half of 2015 due to increased demand from memory and foundry customers compared with our previous expectations."

The , which employs more than 14,000 people and operates in 16 countries, is considered a good indicator of conditions in the microprocessing industry.

It is listed both on the Amsterdam stock exchange's AEX index and the Nasdaq in New York.

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