Study finds contaminants in California public-water supplies

Nearly one-fifth of the raw groundwater used for public drinking water systems in California contains excessive levels of potentially toxic contaminants, according to a decade-long U.S. Geological Survey study that provides ...

Membership jumps as Netflix pumps original shows

Netflix on Wednesday said that membership jumped 3.3 million last quarter, crediting original shows such as "Orange is the New Black" that have been hits with viewers.

Google adding 'buy' buttons to mobile search ads

Google is looking to make it easier for people to shop while using its website, launching a trial run of a feature allowing smartphone users to make online purchases from their search results.

Uber fined $7M for keeping info from California regulators

Uber picked up a hefty tab Wednesday when a judge fined the taxi-alternative's California subsidiary $7.3 million for refusing to give state regulators information about its business practices, including when its drivers ...

NASA sees a ragged eye in Typhoon Nangka

NASA's Terra satellite captured a visible image of Typhoon Nangka's ragged eye when it was south of Kyhshu, Japan early on July 15. Typhoon Nangka is expected to make landfall in southern Japan on July 16.

NASA's Aqua satellite sees Typhoon Halola elongating

NASA's Aqua satellite flew over Typhoon Halola in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and captured temperature data on the storm. Satellite data showed that wind shear is affecting the stubborn storm.

Evolutionary trees reveal patterns of microbial diversification

While teaching a class on coarse-graining methods in physics, James O'Dwyer realized that the technique could be used to understand how microbes evolve over time. The results, published in PNAS, reveal microbial family trees ...

Aqua satellite sees Hurricane Dolores moving away from Mexico

NASA's Aqua satellite flew over Hurricane Dolores in the Eastern Pacific Ocean as it continued to move away from the southwestern coast of Mexico. Dolores was still a Category 4 hurricane and was generating rough surf and ...

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