TechDay startup expo coming to Los Angeles

February 4, 2015 by Paresh Dave, Los Angeles Times

A sprawling showcase of tech startups expects to draw more than 5,500 people in June to its first Los Angeles event.

TechDay, which has been holding what it calls North America's largest startup event in New York City for the last few years, announced the expansion to Los Angeles on Monday.

The event, which is open to the public, is unique among technology industry conferences because of the huge number of startups on display, the lack of any organized discussions and the free admission, TechDay organizers said.

The goal is to draw in people looking for jobs or just curious about what's happening in the startup world, said TechDay co-founder Jesse Podell. About three in four startups at the last two events have been hiring.

"We'd like to create opportunity for a lot of cross-pollination with the embedded workforce of Los Angeles," Podell said.

The Los Angeles expo on June 18 at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles is expected to have 300 startups, including about 250 from California. Last year's New York event had 415 startups and 13,000 attendees.

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