10 years later, Amazon celebrates Prime's growth

For shoppers, Amazon Prime often comes through, delivering that last-minute purchase for an almost forgotten birthday or an overlooked necessity for vacation travel.

New Horizons returns new images of Pluto

(Phys.org)—Pluto discoverer Clyde Tombaugh could only dream of a spacecraft flying past the small planet he spotted on the edges of the solar system in 1930. Yet the newest views of Pluto from NASA's approaching New Horizons ...

Review: Sling TV a promising new take on pay TV, but needs work

I really like the idea of Sling TV - and a lot of other folks might appreciate a twenty-buck pay TV bill as well - but right now, Dish's new low-cost TV service requires too many compromises for me and probably for you, too.

Q&A: Some things to know about Internet open-access proposal

After being swamped with heated opinions on both sides of the issue, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has finally released a proposal to overhaul Internet regulation in an effort to ensure everyone has ...

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