Uber X service wins OK in much of Pennsylvania

Uber X service wins OK in much of Pennsylvania
Drivers with the Taxi Workers Alliance of Pennsylvania protest on near Love Park in Philadelphia Oct. 8, 2014, as Uber and Lyft are making a concerted push to bring their ride-share services to Philadelphia. The state's Public Utility Commission is expected to vote Thursday Nov. 13, 2014 on Uber X's application to operate in many other parts of Pennsylvania. (AP Photo/Philadelphia Inquirer, Tom Gralish)

The ride-sharing service Uber X has won a conditional two-year license to match riders with personal vehicles throughout much of Pennsylvania.

The state's Public Utility Commission calls the experimental license Uber's "last chance" to comply with previously ordered safety and insurance rules.

Its 4-1 vote Thursday will allow the Internet-based service to provide cars in Pittsburgh and across much of the state. However, the license doesn't include Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority regulates taxi service there and has been sparring with Uber X drivers. The agency considers them unlicensed taxis and has been impounding the vehicles.

Uber X spokesman Taylor Bennett says the company wants to work with lawmakers and regulators "to get the details right."

PUC board member John Cawley says the taxi industry needs innovation but that's no excuse to ignore the law.

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