VW recalls 270,000 cars in China to fix airbags

Volkswagen and a Chinese partner are recalling 270,000 cars in China to repair a software problem that might prevent air bags from activating properly, the government said Wednesday.

The by FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co. applies to 265,943 Audi A4L cars made in China and 4,692 imported Audi A4 allroad cars, according to the Administration for Quality Inspection, Supervision and Quarantine.

In a collision at some angles the front air bags might fail to open, the agency said.

It did not identify the supplier of the air bags but gave no indication they were linked to Japan's Takata Corp.

More than 12 million cars that use Takata have been recalled because the airbags can explode, possibly injuring drivers and passengers.

Volkswagen and FAW announced another recall two weeks ago of some 570,000 vehicles to repair a possible suspension defect.

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