New insights into managing our water resources

January 29, 2013

Dr Tim Peterson, from the School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne has offered new theories that will lead to a deeper knowledge of how water catchments behave during wet and dry years. His research was published recently in the leading international hydrology journal Water Resources Research and was selected by the American Geophysical Union as a highlight of the society's 13 international journals.

Dr Peterson's work shows that some catchments have a finite resilience to wet and dry years because they have two steady states. The traditionally held view is that water catchments have only one steady state.

A steady state can be considered as how a catchment behaves after a disturbance like a wet year. Traditionally, hydrology has assumed that no matter how wet a year is, once the goes back to the average then the stream flow and will return to what they were before the wet year. Tim's work shows that in some catchments, after a wet year the and water table can return to a very different value. His theories explain how catchments switch between these steady states and how the catchment's resilience can be measured.

"Understanding responses and how water catchments react and recover from disturbances will allow better prioritising of investment and more informed decision making about water resourcing" said Dr Peterson.

Dr Peterson concludes we should not assume that water catchments always return to the way they once were after a major disturbance. "Major state and federal agencies are working with us to use these new theories. Together, we are coming closer to understanding which catchments have multiple steady states and how they can be managed."

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1 / 5 (3) Jan 29, 2013
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5 / 5 (1) Jan 29, 2013
Most toilets sold in the U.S. are not 6 liter per flush models.

Duel flush models are also available, 6 liters for a standard flush, 1 liter or so to clear the bowl of urine.

1 / 5 (6) Jan 29, 2013
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not rated yet Jan 29, 2013
Full_Diaper needs to change is act, and he should avoid eating carrots since they make him fantasize about Green Death Porn, and make his poop all runny and smelly.
5 / 5 (2) Jan 30, 2013
While Full_Diaper is been busy filling his diaper, America has been working to import more intelligent Immigrants because there are insufficient intelligent Americans on which to maintain an economy.

Tech companies cheer for Senate proposal to increase immigration


No doubt these intelligent foreign imports will know how to manage their water resources.

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