French GM corn-cancer researcher to detail work

A French researcher who claims a link between genetically modified corn and cancer on Tuesday said he would publish his work, the day after the EU, which has cleared the maize, promised to make public its own assessment.

"We want there to be a review and that the research which allowed them to establish their position ... be made public. After that, we will make everything public," Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen said.

On Monday, the European Food Safety Authority said that "given the level of ... (it would) make all data on genetically modified NK603 publicly available on its website."

While the EFSA had previously provided such information on request, "any member of the public or scientific community will now be able to examine and utilise the full data sets used in this ," it said in a statement.

The EFSA, which reviews the use and authorisation of such crops and foodstuffs, in November rejected a report by Seralini which linked NK603 to cancer found in as failing to meet "acceptable scientific standards."

The EU demanded that Seralini release full details of his work but he responded in kind, calling on the EFSA to open up its data first.

Seralini said the EFSA announcement on NK603, developed by US agri-business giant Monsanto, was "half a victory, a first step towards transparency," adding that he wanted to see its work on the pesticide Roundup too.

Monsanto makes Roundup for use with genetically modified , which are bred to be resistant to it.

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Jan 15, 2013
GMO's were designed to make $$$ for their inventors, not designed to feed people. People want natural food with DNA that came from nature, not genetically modified food with DNA that was designed without safety testing in a bio-tech lab, for profit, by companies such as those that lied about Agent Orange safety in the past. Poll after poll shows that organic food, even while being squeezed out of the market by fascism, is more popular than ever, thanks to people spreading grassroots awareness. Early in 2012, up to 93% of people polled said they wanted GMO's labeled in order to avoid them. After Monsanto and their corporate pals outspent humans 8-to-1 in the November election ad cycle, corporations had spread enough fear, uncertainty and doubt to turn that 93% number into 47%, too low to pass GMO labeling.
Long story short: We will not reach civilization type 1. We will have GM'ed ourselves into extinction by them. If anyone normal survives, they will have to start at square one again.

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