JDI develops a 2.3 inch LCD display packed at 651ppi

JDI develops a 2.3 inch LCD display packed at 651ppi

(Phys.org) -- Japan Display Inc. has created a small direct-view display that is packed with so many pixels that it features twice the resolution of the current iPhone 4 with its Retina display. And while the number of pixels is the same as what many believe the new MacBook Pro will have, the new display by JDI squeezes them into a much smaller screen, enabling the device to display lines without jagging, resulting in a display that is far sharper than anything else on the market.

The resolution format of the new screen is 1280 x 800 pixels, which means that each has to be incredibly tiny to fit on a 2.3 inch screen. While some may argue that the limit for what is discernible by the human eye has already been reached with the , JDI says that after conducting ergonomic visual tests with an unknown group of subjects, they have determined that people can see the difference and report that images appear clearer or are sharper to them than when viewing other high resolution displays and thus the company says the new technology should mark a new milestone in LCD . They add that the image produced by the new display is comparable to film based photography equipment.

To achieve this new level of clarity, the company used TFTs as the driver elements when making the screens at low temperatures and in addition to smoothing out jagged edges, the company says that characters are sharper and that when people look at images on the screen, they experience sensations similar to when looking at objects directly in the real world with the naked eye.

The announcement by JDI is likely to spur new sales of cell phones and likely as well which some suggest might be the final nail in the coffin for the . Of course, the user community will have to wait for manufactures to get their hands on the new technology and incorporate it into new devices.

JDI says it will be providing more information about their new screen as well as a demonstration of their new technology at the 2012 SID International Symposium, Seminar & Exhibition.

More information: www.displaybank.com/_eng/resea … _view.html?id=227267

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