White House, industry joins to secure cyberspace

The White House and industry groups Wednesday unveiled new initiatives to combat so-called "botnets," or networks of computers controlled by hackers through virus infections.

The cybersecurity partnership includes US government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and the Botnet Group, a group of nine trade associations and nonprofit organizations.

At a event, officials and executives unveiled a set of voluntary principles for combating the growing cybersecurity threat posed by botnets -- which are created by viruses that allow hackers to control a computer, even if the user is unaware of the infection.

"The issue of botnets is larger than any one industry or country. This is why partnership is so important," said White House cybersecurity coordinator Howard Schmidt.

"The principles the IBG are announcing today draw on expertise from the widest range of players, with leadership coming from across the private sector, and partnering with the government on items like education, consumer privacy and key safeguards in law enforcement."

Business Software Alliance president and chief executive Robert Holleyman said it was critical to act in the face of research showing nearly five million computers around the world "have been conscripted surreptitiously into botnets."

"This undermines the Internet economy by eroding users' trust and confidence in ," he said.

The Industry Botnet Group was formed in response to a September 2011 request for information issued from the US administration to learn more about existing efforts and new areas to explore combating botnets.

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