LG presents large-screen cinema 3D Smart TV line-up

LG unveils large-screen cinema 3D Smart TV line-up optimized for cinema 3D experience

LG Electronics unveiled an entourage of 3D excitement at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Led by the 55-inch 3D OLED TV and the 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition (UD) TV, LG will present a wide variety of new products, technologies and features catered to please consumers worldwide. An upgraded CINEMA 3D experience awaits, as LG’s new CINEMA 3D Smart TVs, monitors and projectors have been optimized with new and upgraded technologies and features, including LG’s fully matured Smart TV ecosystem which contains over 1,200 apps and premium 3D content.

LG will display over 500 products throughout its 2,043m2 booth, under the slogan, “How Smart Is Your 3D?” Visitors will be given LG’s light-weight and comfortable 3D glasses, 120,000 of which will be available at , roughly eight times the number of 3D glasses distributed at last year’s CES. LG will also attract visitors by installing an ultra-large 3D screen at the booth entrance, composed of 122 55-inch 3D LCD TVs.

Over the past year, LG has elevated the user experience of its Smart TV function by adding over 1,200 apps and a range of premium content services. Such growth in sophistication has been accompanied by increased user convenience. NetCast, LG’s own Smart TV platform, has been upgraded and an integrated search function has been added to allow easier and quicker access to content. In turn, popular search words can be used to search through LG’s expansive Smart TV ecosystem. In addition to basic communication functions, social networking services (SNS) on LG’s Smart TV now permit users to “share” and “like” what they’re watching. NetCast will be the platform in approximately 60 percent of LG’s flat-panel TVs introduced this year.

LG presents large-screen cinema 3D Smart TV line-up optimized for cinema 3D experience
LG's 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition TV

Another noticeable advancement in user convenience is the new Magic Remote. In addition to the familiar Point control mode, the new Magic Remote allows three additional modes: Voice Recognition, Magic Gesture and Wheel. Combined, the four control modes facilitate easier, more natural navigation and browsing. For instance, when performing searches, users no longer have to punch in each individual letter through on-screen menus, as Voice Recognition allows users to simply speak into the Magic Remote.

LG Smart TV with Google TV

At CES 2012, LG will unveil the highly anticipated Google TV. LG Smart TV with Google TV combines the familiarity of Google’s Android OS with the convenience and comfort of LG’s 3D and Smart TV technologies, offering a new and attractive home entertainment option.

LG Smart TV with Google TV is easy to use, due to the combination of an Androidbased user interface and Magic Remote Qwerty designed by LG, which combines the user-friendly benefits of LG’s Magic Remote with a QWERTY keyboard.


The CINEMA SCREEN Design is featured in middle- and high-end 3D TVs from LG that will be launched during the first quarter of 2012. The CINEMA SCREEN Design reduces the bezel of 3D TVs to just one millimeter, creating a more optimal and comfortable environment for immersive 3D viewing, reminiscent of a movie theater. The CINEMA SCREEN Design is also optimal for enjoying 3D content from LG’s Smart TV ecosystem.

The Next Generation Display: 55-inch 3D OLED TV

What sets LG’s TV picture apart from other OLED TVs is its 4-Color Pixels and Color Refiner which work together to generate natural and accurate colors that are sharp and consistent. The 4-Color Pixels feature allows for more accurate color depiction by using a set of four colors (red, green blue and white) in comparison to the RGB setup used by other OLED TV manufacturers. Color Refiner ensures consistency in colors from a wider viewing angle via an LG algorithm which improves and refines hues and tones. This is in contrast to other OLED TVs which often exhibit drastic changes in hues from different viewing angles and abnormal color gamut.

Boasting an infinite contrast ratio, LG’s OLED TV exhibits vivid colors and the smallest details regardless of the overall luminance of the on-screen image. In turn, colors and details throughout an entire image are preserved with utmost clarity and sharpness, even when displaying scenes with dark lighting. Such color capabilities are technically impossible with LED and LCD display panels. And at 1,000 times faster than LED/LCD displays, LG’s OLED TV shows crystal clear motion without any blurring or bleeding.

LG’s 3D OLED TV is equipped with LG’s Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) CINEMA 3D technology, providing users with a noticeably more comfortable 3D experience compared to the active shutter 3D display of other 3D OLED TVs. FPR-type 3D TVs cause less eye strain, while FPR-type 3D glasses are far lighter than active shutter 3D glasses.

The energy efficient 3D OLED TV weighs a mere 7.5kg, making it easy to install and move around. Because its defect rate is minimal, the 3D OLED TV’s productivity is high. Meanwhile, the 3D OLED TV uses a WRGB-type LG display panel, which is optimal for the production of large-screen TVs and ensures low manufacturing costs.

The Next Generation Display: 84-inch 3D UD TV

LG’s 3D UD TV boasts superb picture quality on an expansive 84-inch display panel. With 8 million pixels and four times the resolution clarity (3840x2160) of existing Full HD TV panels, the 3D UD TV provides the most convincing 3D viewing experience currently available outside of a movie theater.

3D IPS Monitors

LG will unveil several series of 3D IPS monitors. Overall, LG will be bringing to market a total of 23 3D IPS monitors in 2012. With LG’s 3D IPS monitors, users can view 3D content from a far wider angle of 178 degrees without any changes in color or sacrifice in color consistency.

The 27-inch DM92 series leads LG’s 3D IPS monitor line-up. With the application of LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design, the DM92 series is equipped with a bezel that is just one millimeter wide, further enhancing immersive 3D viewing. Additionally, through LG’s own eco-friendly technologies, the 3D IPS monitors consume roughly 25 percent less energy compared to existing IPS monitors.

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