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Five tech categories to watch at CES

CES doesn't always present a clear picture of technology trends. Longtime technology journalist Harry McCracken likened the consumer-electronics show to a circus fun house mirror, exaggerating the importance of some technologies ...

CES shifts its focus to innovations changing the tech industry

As CES ballooned into an overwhelming crush of products, press events and panels in recent years, longtime attendees grumbled that the consumer-electronics show was just too much stuff and not enough substance.

Gadgets get smarter, friendlier at CES show

From drones, cars and robots to jewelry, appliances and TVs, the new technology on display at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show promises to be smarter and friendlier than ever.

Substance tops style at CES' Global Technology Marketplace

Sandy Liang mans a little booth at the Westgate Hotel convention hall in Las Vegas. Dressed sharply in a navy suit, he sits around trying to look busy. He plays with his smartphone. He twiddles a pen. He flicks through the ...

Want to turn heads at CES? Hire a celebrity (Update)

Driverless cars of the future. Every imaginable (and unimaginable) kind of smartphone case. The latest laundry technology, even. Acres of Las Vegas convention center floor packed with gadget demos and exhibitor booths. And ...

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Central European Summer Time

Central European Summer Time (CEST) is one of the names of UTC+2 time zone, 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. It is used as a summer daylight saving time in most European and some North African countries. During the winter, Central European Time (UTC+1) is used.

Central European Summer Time used to be also known under other names, such as Middle European Summer Time (MEST), Central European Daylight Saving Time (CEDT) or 'Bravo time', after the 2nd letter of the phonetic alphabet. Note that CEST is commonly referred to as CET.

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