Stellar winds

Stellar winds
An image of the Sun's hot outer atmosphere, taken in ultraviolet light by SAO's Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) instrument on NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. The image shows how a star's magnetic field, traced by the uv light, stretches up from its surface to fill the surrounding space with outflowing, hot plasma. Credit: NASA and SDO

( -- The Sun, glowing with a surface temperature of about 5500 degrees Celsius, warms the Earth with its salutary light. Meanwhile the Sun's hot outer layer (the corona), with its temperature of over a million degrees, ejects a wind of charged particles at a rate equivalent to about one-millionth of the moon's mass each year. Some particles bombard the Earth, producing radio static, auroral glows, and (in extreme cases) disrupted global communications. Astronomers can only partially explain two longstanding, related questions: how is the corona heated to temperatures so much hotter than the surface? And how does the corona produce the wind? The answers to both involve turbulence in the Sun's atmosphere, and magnetic fields.

The Sun is not unique. All stars, including those more massive than the Sun and those less massive, are believed to have at some level. Stellar has a significant impact on the evolution of the stars, on any surrounding (they are bombarded by the particles), and on the evolution of gas and dust in galaxies. The Sun’s mass loss, for example, was probably an important factor in the early erosion of atmospheres from the inner planets of the young solar system. Unfortunately, the winds of other stars are even more poorly understood than the Sun's, to the extent that astronomers cannot even predict a star's mass loss rate.

CfA astronomers Steven Cranmer and Steven Saar have specialized in the study of stellar winds for many years. In a new paper forthcoming in the Astrophysical Journal, they present a new, self-consistent model of stellar winds that succeeds for the first time in reproducing a wide range of observations. Based on an extension of models of the Sun's wind, the new theory can now be incorporated into a wide range of other research on stars to understand more accurately and precisely how stars evolve, and how they influence their environments.

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Oct 10, 2011
Thank you for this wonderfully short article almost totally lacking in any content.

"Astronomers can only partially explain two longstanding, related questions:"
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Oct 10, 2011
The Eclectic Universe
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Oct 10, 2011
Funny how magnatism always goes hand-in-hand with electricity, but they never seem to mention that part.

Oct 11, 2011
They mentioned it.

ejects a wind of charged particles
That IS a charged current.


Oct 12, 2011
Thanks for the story.

Earth is continuously bathed by the solar wind, a fact that seems to have been overlooked by world leaders and their climatology followers.

I regret that information like this was not more available when the USA still had a viable space program.

Again, thanks for the reminder of our dependence on the Sun.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel

Oct 12, 2011
Oliver, do you not know of phase 2 of the plan? see kissinger and nixon knew about neutron repulsion and it being the main source of the suns and the universes power but chairman mao did not. as the world all followed their lead in the conspiracy they said it was to prevent nuclear war. however under the guise of that the united states had different reasons. as the climatoligists/scientists destroy our economy and power while funneling money to third world nations for supportung the scam the chinese will soon grow too strong and overpopulated for anyone but the us to even have a chance of stopping the chinese from taking over the world, at that moment neutron repulsion will be officially "discovered" and cheap easy neutron repulsion energy will be used both to power production of weapons and supplies and as weapons of mass destruction themselves in neutron repulsion bombs. saving the united states and allowing us to finally take over the whole world without looking like the bad guys...

Oct 12, 2011
Earth is continuously bathed by the solar wind, a fact that seems to have been overlooked by world leaders and their climatology followers.
Oliver, that is the usual bullshit. The SCIENTIST came up with the EVIDENCE for global warming. Real or not Global Warming is NOT some insane conspiracy by multiple Presidents in combination with the Chinese. That is some utter crap you made yourself. You even posted link to a letter that was supposed to support you. It did no such thing. Not even a hint one. You can't even explain why you did that.

So just how do Neutron Stars form when neutron repulsion is alleged by you to be so powerful that it stops Black Holes from forming no matter how large the mass?

Ignoring the question won't magically make you right Oliver. The ideas are contradictory and I bet even the Plasma Universe Cranks can see that now that it has been pointed out.

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