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Saturn-sized exoplanet isn't losing mass quickly enough

We have discovered more than 5,000 planets around other star systems. Among the veritable cosmic menagerie of exoplanets, it seems there is a real shortage of Neptune-sized planets close to their star.

Research suggests women lose more muscle than men in spaceflight

New research published ahead of print in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggests women lose more muscle than men in a microgravity environment such as spaceflight. The study "represent[s] the longest bed rest study on ...

Does Betelgeuse even rotate? Maybe not

Betelgeuse is the well known red giant star in the corner of Orion the hunter. The name translated in some languages means "armpit of the giant," which, I think of all the star names, is simply the best! Betelgeuse has been ...

Did Betelgeuse consume a smaller star?

What's going on with Betelgeuse? In recent years it's generated a lot of headlines as its luminosity has shifted dramatically several times. The red supergiant brightened by almost 50% earlier this year, triggering speculation ...

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