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A nebula that extends its hand into space

The Gum Nebula is an emission nebula almost 1400 light-years away. It's home to an object known as "God's Hand" among the faithful. The rest of us call it CG 4.

How NASA's Roman Telescope will measure the ages of stars

Guessing your age might be a popular carnival game, but for astronomers it's a real challenge to determine the ages of stars. Once a star like our sun has settled into steady nuclear fusion, or the mature phase of its life, ...

Explaining a supernova's 'string of pearls'

Physicists often turn to the Rayleigh-Taylor instability to explain why fluid structures form in plasmas, but that may not be the full story when it comes to the ring of hydrogen clumps around supernova 1987A, research from ...

Webb peers into the tendrils of NGC 604

Two new images from the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope's NIRCam (Near-Infrared Camera) and MIRI (Mid-Infrared Instrument) showcase the star-forming region NGC 604, located in the Triangulum galaxy (M33), 2.73 million ...

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