Google Chrome 5 beta released

May 6, 2010 by Lin Edwards, report

Google Chrome
( -- Internet search engine giant Google has released a new beta version of its Chrome browser, and it is visibly much faster than the previous version, and faster than most other browsers.

Opera 10.53 is still faster than Chrome 5, but Opera has suffered from security problems, which have not affected Chrome. According to , Chrome 5 beta is much faster than the previous version at rendering JavaScript and is 30% faster as measured by V8, and 35% faster by SunSpider JavaScript benchmarks.

Chrome’s other new features include an expanded bookmark sync feature that stores your bookmarks “in the cloud” and synchronizes not only browser bookmarks but also themes, settings and homepage (but not open tabs) across any computer running Chrome. It also synchronizes with Google Docs, which is where all the settings and bookmarks are saved, so you can still access your bookmarks through Google Docs even if you are using a computer that is not running Chrome.

HTML5 is rapidly becoming a new programming standard for Web pages, and the new beta release includes several HTML5 features such as file drag-and-drop, and Geolocation application programming interfaces (APIs). Also included is a built-in , which is updated automatically as part of the normal update procedure. This avoids some of the problems users have had with Flash if they do not keep their software up to date. The new Chrome beta version also makes communications between Web applications and host servers faster through Web sockets.

Google Chrome also has an Incognito Mode that lets you browse the Internet without saving cookies or keeping records of your search/browsing history. The new beta now lets you choose Chrome extensions you want to use in Incognito Mode since you can manually select them via an extensions manager page, but these extensions will then be able to record your browsing history in Incognito Mode.

Google Chrome 5 runs on Linux and Macs as well as Microsoft Windows. The beta release is available, but like all beta releases it may contain bugs and be less reliable than the stable versions of Chrome. You will also have to uninstall any previous versions of Chrome before you install the new .

Video: Making the Speed Tests.

Explore further: Chrome 4.0 beta web browser launched

More information: googlechromereleases.blogspot. … -channel-update.html

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5 / 5 (1) May 06, 2010
Doug_Huffman, Nothing in life is free, you're crazy for thinking otherwise.
5 / 5 (1) May 06, 2010
Businesses strive to provide a good customer experience ... hoping to gain customer loyalty and to grow their business (win/win).
5 / 5 (2) May 06, 2010
Just installed it after reading the article. Seems to work fine for Physorg comments too. It is pretty fast though, every time I go to click on a page, I'm already there.
5 / 5 (4) May 06, 2010
LuskyBrandon; I am that person, and I gave you a 1/5 for being so consumed by your perspective you forget to consider some people just don't give a sh-- about corporate environments. Google's choice of design for Chrome is not an accident.
not rated yet May 06, 2010
Sorry, I unfortunately gave your comment a 5, but it's okay, chrome is coming out with the beta so I can go back in time and get that one in the right place. Thanks Google!
Hey, you really gotta get that keyboard fixed man, if I hired an "IT specialist" I would need to understand what he says half the time, right?
2 / 5 (1) May 07, 2010
i've been using chrome for awhile now and the newest version hasn't seemed faster to me. now.. when i open it.. the load time is actually a bit slower. hm. weird. and today it hung while i was clearing out the history. think i'll be sticking to my tried and true firefox.
not rated yet May 09, 2010
Charlotte Lawyer says:interesting!
not rated yet May 10, 2010
This version of Chrome broke on my system, not only that but I cannot install previous versions anymore, no matter how well I try to clean it out. As soon as I launched the browser I get some kind of error message about how the application couldn't initialize something (issue is on home system, at work at the moment).

So now I'm using Opera which is much nicer then I realized.

Ah well... :\
4 / 5 (2) May 10, 2010
This version of Chrome broke on my system, not only that but I cannot install previous versions anymore, no matter how well I try to clean it out. As soon as I launched the browser I get some kind of error message about how the application couldn't initialize something (issue is on home system, at work at the moment).

Feeling bad about giving Brandon a 1 now?
not rated yet May 12, 2010

Well, it failed on my home system, not at work, so no. Actually I basically prove him wrong, at work I can install it fine and use it, regardless if anyone likes it or not. I could argue that Google has in fact achieved what he thinks they're not achieving.

Think about it, circumventing system protection works better in wanting to consume the world of users rather than letting IT depts decide if the application should be allowed or not. :)

If anything Google is doing a better job at dominating the market than everyone else by letting users decide for themselves, in any context. However irresponsible or unethical that is isn't an important question when you're aim is to selfishly rule the world. MWahahaha

I'm missing my chrome, I hope they fix it soon. Maybe I'll look more in to it myself later.
1 / 5 (2) May 13, 2010

You strike me as one of those people who believes they're correct just because they say so. Let me guess, you work at a help desk somewhere in IT and because of that you think you've got the same skills as the guys who architect enterprise soa applications. el oh el ur so l337 w/ ur wiresharkz n mad ego tripz.

Google exploiting Windows is not Google's problem, it's your problem, and they clearly don't care about your problems. And if you were remotely close to savvy you could actually go pretty far in terms of preventing the application from installing on to systems. The fact that you truly cannot says enough as it is about you and the control you have over your networks, f00lish ch1ld-
5 / 5 (1) May 13, 2010
The fact that you truly cannot says enough as it is about you and the control you have over your networks, f00lish ch1ld-
He said he prevents it in AD, as did I back when I ran an enterprise research group.

When is google going to come out with their enterprise solution?

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