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Why we made iWitnessed, an app to collect evidence

Eyewitness evidence can be critical to investigations and trials. However, research shows that eyewitness memory can be inaccurate and vulnerable to distortion depending on what happens next – for example, inaccurate information ...

dateApr 03, 2018 in Software
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Cortana Show Me focuses on help with settings

Cortana had her day in the spotlight this month with the announcement of a new Windows 10 preview with Cortana Show Me. This is not the final build, however, but people are talking about the Cortana preview anyway as a good ...

dateMar 26, 2018 in Software weblog
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IBM has launched Watson Assistant

IBM has officially unveiled its Watson Assistant, a voice recognition and assistant system meant to serve as the back end of customized customer front-end systems. IBM announced at its annual Think conference that Watson ...

dateMar 21, 2018 in Software report
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Low-latency image data compression

The number of cameras in cars is increasing. However, through the flood of data the internal networks are being pushed to their limits. Special compression methods reduce the amount of video data, but exhibit a high degree ...

App for keeping an eye on the kids at the pool

For many, it would not be summer without a day at the public swimming pool. Now a design student has created a concept for an app that prompts parents and guardians to keep an eye on their kids.

Fitness system creates virtual avatars in 10 minutes

Avatars—virtual persons—are a core element of ICSpace, a virtual fitness and movement environment at Bielefeld University's Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC). The system makes it possible ...

Electrogates offer stop-and-go control in microfluidics
A switch in ocean circulation that helped end the Ice Age
Fungus senses gravity using gene borrowed from bacteria
Airborne dust threatens human health in Southwest
Strained materials make cooler superconductors
Researchers investigate 'why clothes don't fall apart'
California to 'whipsaw' between drought, floods: study

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