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New tools to detect digital domestic abuse

Carol is locked in a custody battle with her abusive ex-husband. She has an order of protection against him, but he's somehow able to access her private photos and post them on Facebook.

Microsoft halts development of Minecraft update

Microsoft has halted development of an ambitious update to Minecraft, throwing in the towel after concluding it was technically too complicated, according to a blog post by the team responsible for the hit adventure and construction ...

Google Maps for tissues

Modern light microscopic techniques provide extremely detailed insights into organs, but the terabytes of data they produce are usually nearly impossible to process. New software, developed by a team led by MDC scientist ...

A new algorithm enables more realistic sound effects in VR

When we watch movies or play video games, the right sound effects can help make scenes more realistic: When a grizzled gambler rolls a silver dollar across a card table in a silver screen saloon, the sound seems to travel ...

New level of smart industrial robots

Robot technicians from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) together with colleagues from the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS) developed a command-and-control plugin for intelligent industrial ...

Secure data protection in the new internet of things

The core idea of the team headed by Magdeburg project leader, Professor Dr. Mesut Güne is to develop the self-organizing migration of services. This means that the services—such as home automation, data management, and ...

Monte Carlo simulations for neutron experiments

Achieving a good signal-to-background ratio in neutron scattering experiments is a crucial factor in instrument and sample environment design. However, in current Monte Carlo simulation software, not all neutron interactions ...

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