Sony Launches Short-Range Wireless Technology (w/ Video)

Sony Launches Short-Range Wireless Technology (w/ Video)
Sony's transceiver IC is the core of TransferJet short-range wireless technology.

( -- The first compliant products, that will use Sony’s TransferJet technology, will start appearing in products as early as the spring of this year. Its design will enable file swapping, between two devices, by bringing them within approximately 3cm of each other.

The TransferJet technology was first demonstrated at the 2008 International CES in January 2008. stated that TransferJet would run at 560Mbps but users would only be able to achieve transfer rates of up to 375Mbps after overheads.

Transferring data between gadgets is as simple as bringing them together.

Sony released the transceiver IC to the merchandise market in November 2009. There are two host interfaces on the transceiver IC. One interface will support PCI and Mini PCI, and other supporting SDIO. The data transfer rate for the PCI and Mini PCI interface (rev 2.3) is approximately 300 Mbit/s and a minimum of 100 Mbit/s for the SDIO interface (V .2.0).

Sony is working on a resolution to resolve the slow speeds for SDIO Ver. 2.0, which has a max data transfer rate of 200Mbit/s. With SDIO Ver. 3.0 already standardized, which allows for a maximum data rate to 104Mbyte/s, Sony expects to have TransferJet support SDIO Ver. 3.0 sometime in 2011.

Sony Launches Short-Range Wireless Technology (w/ Video)
Image depicts transferring photos between a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 and Vaio F-Series laptop.

In the future, Sony hopes TransferJet will replace cables that are used today for file transfers between gadgets. The success of this technology's is going to depend on large consumer electronics companies who have promise to support it.

Sony’s first products that will support TransferJet will be their Vaio F and TX7 and HX5V digital cameras. The products have already been launched in Japan and will hitting international markets from February on.

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